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Easy Step

Easy Bathtub Access with Walk-in Bathtubs from Surface Experts Ltd.


We realize that entering your tub can be dangerous if you don’t have the correct options for your personal needs. We are glad to install bath steps, doors for your tub and walk-in bathtubs, convertible concepts to make access to your tub or shower easier than ever before. If you have limited mobility and are looking for a safe and affordable option to make bathing easier, consider a walk-in bathtub by Surface Experts Ltd.


Custom Tub Alteration

The EASY STEP is designed for individuals with a need for a walk-in tub due to a disability. These alterations are generally done in less than a day and are designed to make your tub safer. Some of the benefits include:

• Eliminates the need to rip out existing tub

• All customizations are installed in the existing tub

  Our convertible unit allows to maintain your tub there after

• Provides easier access to the shower/tub

• Reduces possibility of a fall

• Typically installed in less than a day

• A fraction of the cost of a full bathroom remodeling job

• Creates a custom opening of any size

• Ideal for personal residences, senior house, hotels, and other locations

For more information about our professional walk-in bathtub installation, contact us today!

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