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Use only non-abrasive, liquid cleaners on your refinished surface. Spray cleaners such as Formula 409, Fantastic, or any liquid cleaner which does not contain abrasives, bleach or chlorine may be used. For best results, spray the surface and let penetrate for 3-5 minutes before wiping. A "Tuffy" scrub pad or plastic cleaning pad designed for use on Teflon surfaces works well. Extend the life of your refinished surface with the use of "Gel Gloss" or any polymer based polish every six months.


If you are repairing or re-wallpapering your bathroom, please wait to do so until after we have done the refinishing. In order to protect paint or wallpaper, we must mask it. Masking tape can pull small pieces of the surface when removed. If you wish to preserve the existing wallpaper or paint, please alert the workman.


The standard colour for refinishing is white. Any other color other than pure white requires mixing of pigments. and MUST BE APPROVED BY THE CUSTOMER before the finish can be applied. Please choose carefully, as the colour once applied cannot be changed except by completely reapplying new materials.


Technicians use materials and chemicals specifically designed for refinishing. They are trained in the proper use and handling of those materials which generally should not create any kind of health hazard to the customer. However, as a precautionary measure, we suggest that anyone with special sensitivities to solvent or paint-based smells remain out of the immediate area during the refinishing process. Materials Safety Data Sheets are available for your review.


Please remove all loose items from the bathroom before our technician arrives to do the refinishing. This would include curtains, pictures, shower accessories, rugs, etc. If you are planning to replace your plumbing fixtures with new ones after we refinish, the old fixtures should be removed before we arrive. New fixtures can usually be the day after the refinishing is complete.


Our technicians are not plumbers and are not trained, equipped, nor licensed or authorized to do so. If they remove or replace any pipes or fixtures at your request, it is done solely as a courtesy and not responsible for any damage. Our technician, under certain circumstances, find it necessary to remove or loosen handles, spouts, drain pieces, or overflow covers. In those cases, we will be responsible for replacing those pieces to their original places, unless age or general decay of pipes or fixtures makes this impossible. Please inform the technician or estimator if your plumbing is old or in questionable condition so that we can take special precautions or leave undisturbed.

Bathtub resurfacing

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