EP Acrylic Finish

EP-Acrylic Coating Systems

EP-Acrylic is a specialized and custom designed coating which has been developed to meet constantly changing industry needs and growing public concern.

EP-Acrylic is a high performance acrylic-based coating with all the advantages of acrylic urethane that was developed for the automotive and furniture industries with one exception. It containing No Isocyanates. This means it is safe for homes, around food and people as well as professional businesses and doctors offices.

EP-Acrylic coating systems are to be used wherever exposure to a wide variety of elements is anticipated and continued endurance is expected over an extended period of time. The appearance, exceptional adhesion, low curing time and temperature resistance of this system is suitable not only to metal and concrete but structural materials such as polyester, fiberglass, structural foams, porcelain, ceramic tile, nylon and many plastics.

  1. NO ISOCYANATES! Safer for applicator and customer

  2. Cost effective - Flash dries faster than other resurfacing products

  3. Adhesion & durability equal to or better that urethane, but WITHOUT ISOCYANATES!

  4. High UV resistance

  5. Excellent for residential and commercial applications

  6. Long term durability

  7. Fast Drying

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